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Why Hire a Copywriter Instead of the Dude Who Wears Multiple Hats?

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Your dream team is locked down. Finally, a squad of people who get it, are down for the cause and are ready to show the world how your brand is changing the game for x industry.

The problem? You need a writer.

Not Steve; he's got enough on his plate.

A writer who invests in said project and keeps your reader coming back.

You may have someone who can write like Hemingway but can't get Google's attention, even after months of churning out content.

Informative copy on your website about your company is meaningless if you can't reach your target.

They need to be able to find you.

Another problem might be that you've got content out the wazoo but people tire by the time they've reached the 2nd 'graph.

You lost your sale.

Producing effective copy is an art. It takes a balance of creativity and strategy. The aim is to woo the mighty engines that be without sounding like a bot.

Metrics for good copy include:

  • readability

  • search engine visibility

  • evocation

Many businesses don't factor in the time it takes to produce publish-worthy content. If you've been paying your freelancer per word, this is the wrong way to go about it. Instead, put some trust into a professional freelance copywriter. Someone who dedicates their time to doing that necessary research, can write accordingly, then edit as necessary.

First impressions are everything. You'd never want to meet someone for the first time with an extensive vocabulary, but no heart or soul.

Getting to know your brand is the same song and dance.

If your copy is littered with keywords and phrases with the only hopes that you'll land on page one of Google, you'll be doing yourself a disservice, and possibly come off as spammy, unreliable, and strictly about the sale.

What is your audience searching for when they want to find your content, product or service? Do they know what they want just yet or could you use the opportunity to educate them on the possibilities?

Copywriters figure this out for you.

Whilst keeping your audience engaged, building trust with your target demo, and yes, generating revenue. If your copy is better than good, and trust is built, you've struck gold.

If you're in a pinch for good content, don't wheel over to the can-do dude in the office. We all know one. Hire a professional copywriter.

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