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10 Songs That Got Me Through My Workday in 2019

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

As you may or may not know, most of my days consist of late morning cups of coffee, stretches, taking Cheech on his walks, playing fetch with one hand and typing with the other, and plenty of alone time.

What do I do with that glorious time in solitude? Listen to my favorite songs, full-blast, and celebrate those tiny victories when a client is happy.

So in the spirit of Spotify reminding me that the Homecoming album by Beyonce was my first pick in 2019, I felt the need to shed some light on other songs that got me through the year.

And because talking about content marketing all the time is for the birds.

Here goes (in no particular order).

1. Beyonce - Deja Vu (Homecoming Album)

Jay-Z lost his voice keeping up with Queen B, Beyonce powered through her Coachella performance with ease, and I hired myself as her personal backup dancer.

2. Khruangbin - Maria También

For a little over a year now I've been trying to learn the bass guitar and this is one of the grooviest songs I've ever heard. If you're into equal parts soul, funk, and beachy rock, give this one a listen.

3. Men I Trust - Tailwhip

Imagine this: poolside with...let's just call her Margarita. You're going through emails, job offers when suddenly you come up with the best tagline your client's ever laid their eyes on. I must note that Oncle Jazz was probably my most played album of the year, and for very good reason.

4. Robyn - Between the Lines

Sometimes the workday takes you on a Studio 54 / House tangent. Many thanks, Robyn.

5. Steve Lacy - Dark Red

This song is pretty groovy and got me my first winter in DC after taking a job at NPR.

6. Club Kuru - Giving In

I got to travel to Morocco this past spring. This was perfect for closing out the workday and bracing myself for a long-flight, with plenty of time to let my mind wander.

7. Bonobo - Days to Come

Thanks to a timeless, mystical goodie from Bonobo, long-form copy felt like a breeze.

8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hunnybee

A perfect staccato diddy for a drawn-out workday. I fell in love with this group in 2013, and have yet to hear a bad song.

9. Intalekt - Peace

I'm a big sax enthusiast when it comes to music. Sometimes you just need to tune-out from lyrics to focus. Intalekt created a jam that incorporated jazz and hip hop beautifully.

10. Tribe Called Quest - Luck of Lucien

Last, but certainly not least, Tribe. They happen to be my favorite lyricists of all time and also happen to master wordplay like no one's business.

That was tough. If you're a freelancer, stuck in an office, or studying, try any of these songs to make the day go by a little smoother. Let me know which one you vibe with most.

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